Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Conference Agenda

A couple more speakers have confirmed. They have been placed into the agenda in their proper slots. As things firm up the agenda will be updated and reposted at the top of the blog. As before, the next pargraph still applies. We want to hear from you, either via e-mail or comments.

A tentative Agenda has been posted. Parts of this agenda can and will change to be reflective of what you, the Virginia Blogger, want to experience at this conference. Please use the e-mail link on the sidebar, or the comment section to make suggestions. No suggestion will be dismissed out of hand, all will be considered, though obviously all cannot be implemented.

Tentative Agenda;

Friday August 25, 2006
Various venues

· 12:00pm ___(Noon to 5:00pm; Conference Representatives
· 1:00pm ____will be at each hotel to meet attendees and
· 2:00pm ____assist with sign-in. Hotel check-in times will be
· 3:00pm ____noted on the official Agenda which will be
· 4:00pm ____mailed to each participant.)
· 5:30pm ____Cocktails, meet and greet; Chatmoss Country Club
· 6:00pm ____Dinner with Keynote speaker, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Chatmoss Country Club
· 7:30pm ____Reception in the form of 1st Annual Bloggers Pajama Party; Artisan Center, Uptown Martinsville. (Pajamas ____ ____ __optional, of course. Nothing that can't be worn in public.)

Saturday August 26, 2006
Patrick Henry Community College

· 9:00am Opening Speaker Attorney General McDonnell, Speaker Chris Saxman.
· 9:45am Workshop/Seminar (two choices TBA)
    1)Eric Helms Monday on Libel, with Conaway Haskins and Greg Letiecq
· 11:00am Workshop/Seminar
    1) Jim Hoeft on Podcasting and audio/visual media
    2) Roundtable discussion with media and bloggers
· 12:30pm Lunch with Speakers
    1) U.S Attorney for Western District of Virginia John Brownlee
    2) Former Representative and State Senator Leslie Byrne
· 1:30pm Free Time; meet other bloggers, interview Speakers, etc.
· 2:30pm Workshop/Seminar
    1) Forrest Landon on Open Government and FOIA requests
    2) Steve Minor on Net Neutrality
· 4:00pm TBA
· 5:00pm TBA
· 6:00pm TBA
· 7:30pm Extended Conference/Party at Firemen’s cabin, at Martinsville City Reservoir.