Friday, August 11, 2006

Subject For Debate

Not Larry Sabato has an interesting post up about paid political blogging. he finishes the post with this;
After we learned TC was getting paid last year to blog for certain candidates, and now with RK on the Webb payroll, this seems to be a widening discussion in the blogosphere. How do you all think bloggers can ethically handle these situations? This is something I am hoping we can discuss in Martinsville.
If there is an interest in this subject, and the comments on that post indicate there is, someone step forward. Contact us and we'll set it up.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Missing Link

The two Sorensen blog conferences were great events, but one thing was missing.

Ben Tribbett, aka Not Larry Sabato.

The guy's a walking statistical abstract of Virginia politics.

He's the go-to guy for political gossip in Virginia.

He's going to be in Martinsville.

Don't miss him. Southside may never be the same.

Avoid Dorkiness

Now that you've been blogging for a while, you've decided that mere text is passé. You feel the need to spread your creative wings and make your blog soar. You want to be a real star in the Virginia Blogosphere, and you have decided that audio/video multimedia is the vehicle that will take you and your blog to that next level.

If that describes you, or if you just want to add an occasional imbedded Mp3 file to your blog, then please sign up for the workshop hosted by Virginia's premier podcasting duo, Jim Hoeft and The Sqeaky Wheel.

Don't blame us if you pass on this oportunity and your multimedia efforts turn out like this.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Voice, Not an Echo

One mighty voice has been missing from both the blogosphere and Virginia papers.

Barnie Day.

The Meadows of Dan Sage will be at the Martinsville blog conference. He won't pull any punches. He never does.

Chat him up. You'll get more material in five minutes than you usually get in a week.

Register now!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Beauty Contest, Part I

No, not a bathing suit competition, but more like a political talent show.

The Martinsville blog conference will feature several highly regarded potential candidates who just might be taking some early soundings.

Delegate Chris Saxman's name is on the lips of the Great Mentioner as a 2009 candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He's got the intellectual heft and a willingness to duke it out with all comers in a live blog situation. Could he be the candidate to energize the GOP with the force of ideas?

How about Brian Patton? He's young, attractive, and working hard for the Democrats. Does anyone doubt he's thinking of making a run in the future?

Will Conaway Haskins be able to resist entreaties that are already on the table urging him to run in Chesterfield County? The sky would be the limit after that.

Come to Martinsville and grab a glimpse of the future.

Mary Sue! Up Close in Martinsville

Lots of folks got to see the triumphant return to the spotlight of former two-term Attorney General Mary Sue Terry at Larry Sabato's Virginia Women and Politics Conference on July 21st.

If you missed her--or if you want to see this distinguished and pioneering stateswoman again--register for the conference.

At Sabato's event, four hundred and fifty attendees wanted to speak with Mary Sue (yes, she's that informal and down to earth, call her Mary Sue). In Martinsville, where she's a neighbor, the setting will be much more intimate when she stops by and everyone will have a chance to meet and speak with the first and only woman to serve as attorney general in Virginia and the first elected official ever in Virginia to receive more than a million votes. Her message of civility in politics is guaranteed to resonate with bloggers of all persuasions.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Conference Rumor Mill Ignites!

The always entertaining Blue Dog is the latest to register for the conference.

Rumor has it that he'll be bringing a surprise that might just rock the procceedings.

Register now so you won't miss it.