Monday, August 07, 2006

Mary Sue! Up Close in Martinsville

Lots of folks got to see the triumphant return to the spotlight of former two-term Attorney General Mary Sue Terry at Larry Sabato's Virginia Women and Politics Conference on July 21st.

If you missed her--or if you want to see this distinguished and pioneering stateswoman again--register for the conference.

At Sabato's event, four hundred and fifty attendees wanted to speak with Mary Sue (yes, she's that informal and down to earth, call her Mary Sue). In Martinsville, where she's a neighbor, the setting will be much more intimate when she stops by and everyone will have a chance to meet and speak with the first and only woman to serve as attorney general in Virginia and the first elected official ever in Virginia to receive more than a million votes. Her message of civility in politics is guaranteed to resonate with bloggers of all persuasions.

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