Monday, August 07, 2006

Beauty Contest, Part I

No, not a bathing suit competition, but more like a political talent show.

The Martinsville blog conference will feature several highly regarded potential candidates who just might be taking some early soundings.

Delegate Chris Saxman's name is on the lips of the Great Mentioner as a 2009 candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He's got the intellectual heft and a willingness to duke it out with all comers in a live blog situation. Could he be the candidate to energize the GOP with the force of ideas?

How about Brian Patton? He's young, attractive, and working hard for the Democrats. Does anyone doubt he's thinking of making a run in the future?

Will Conaway Haskins be able to resist entreaties that are already on the table urging him to run in Chesterfield County? The sky would be the limit after that.

Come to Martinsville and grab a glimpse of the future.

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