Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Date Deliberations

Norm has noticed. He also cautions us about holding the event in August. I'm not married to August, but it just seems right to me. It's outside the NASCAR schedule, and hotel rooms here for race week have to be inherited, they can't be bought. The political scene is in a virtual hiatus then, and bloggers will be searching under every rock and posting every cute video link they can find.

He says most will be looking at a trip to the beach, rather than a trip to southside during August. My point precisely. Henry County is often lumped in with Southside, but we are actually more Southwestern Virginia in flavor. We are minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway. My office for example, is 26 miles from my home in Collinsville, but it overlooks Bull Mountain. Well, not really, but if it wasn't for that big un-named hill between us, it would.

There is much here to be had for the visitor. On my hunting club property is the final resting place of General Joseph Martin. Patrick Henry lived here when he was elected Governor. Governor Thomas B. Stanley's home, Stoneleigh, was on my boyhood paper route. (Mr. Tom, was also a major patron of my Boy Scout troop 73).

I almost forgot, Norm said, "unless there's barbecue". Well, I've got barbecue. My sister's husband is the only brother of Tommy Houston. Martinsville's Barbecue King. He recently won the Reno, Nevada rib cookoff, earning him a place at the Jack Daniels cookoff in Lynchburg Tennessee. You may have seen him on the Food Network. His local restaurant, Pigs R Us, will cater lunch on Saturday.