Friday, June 29, 2007

Democratic Party of Virginia well-represented at conference

The Blogs United conference is very pleased that we will be joined by Delegate Brian Moran, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Delegates Bob Brink and Kris Amundson, and Danae Jones, communications director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. We are also hopeful that Sen. Creigh Deeds and Susan Mariner, field director in Hampton Roads for the Democratic National Committee and DPVA, will be able to attend. Update: Sen. Deeds is now a confirmed guest.

Of course, we do have Republicans too. Confirmed to attend are Lt. Gov. Bolling, Attorney General McDonnell, and Shaun Kenney of the Republican Party of Virginia.

We hope all bloggers -- and anyone interested in the new media -- enjoy this conference for what it is -- an opportunity to discuss the new media and its impact on politics, government, media and the community...and to learn from one another.

If you haven't registered yet, you have until July 2 before the Marriott raises their special rate of $99 to $169. I would register for your room today. You can register for the conference by clicking the red button on our sidebar.

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Anonymous said...

To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds.

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Sharp tools make good work.