Saturday, March 31, 2007

Questions from CNU and Menu

Dr. Kidd emailed me the other day with some questions that we need to answer:

1) Does the Friday evening reception involve a cash bar or just lightsnacks, or what? I think I asked you that earlier but couldn't remember the answer.

My suggested answer: Both

2) Saturday morning continental breakfast with coffee and juice. This is a cold breakfast, right?

My suggested answer: Just coffee, juice, donuts/pastries and fruit. See menu.

3) What kind of lunch? Will the lunch be working, which means something like sandwiches, or a buffet. I'm sure there is a cost difference.

My suggested answer: 45-minute break. But with a "working" menu. Again, see menu to see what you might like.

4) Any possibility of you all doing dinner at the campus and having a couple hours break to visit the museum? They asked me to ask you about the museum dinner because they think they could do it for less than the museum could do it because the museum doesn't have on-site dining facilities.

My suggested answer: Yes to on campus. See menu for what we should have.

5) Speakers. Do you have any idea when speakers will speak? Will they speak over lunch, over dinner, or just during the sessions?

My suggested answer: Sessions. Keynote at dinner.

6) Participants and visitors. Do you have any sense of how many people will be registered participants (i.e. eating and participating in the whole conference) and how many visitors there will be?

My suggested answer: For the whole conference about 50. For the dinner only (including attendees), about 100.

Vote here if you will attend:

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